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     An email, cross-posted between  rescue groups was our introduction to Glennie. Glennie was found in a crate, abandoned in an alley behind a pet store in the Detroit area. Even at seven months of age, his experiences during his short life had left him terrified of men and his fear was beginning to show as aggression.


     The cross-post email from Michigan Westie Rescue asked for a 'volunteer' male from another rescue group to work with Glennie with the hope of breaking his fear of men because he was unadoptable and euthanasia had at that time been an option. Laurel Barrick; my significant-other and I discussed Glennie and we thought that as a 'Long-Haul' truck driver, I had the unique opportunity to give this little guy some needed man to man attention. Knowing that dogs are Pack-Animals and look to their ALPHA and other animals in the pack for clues on how to behave; I chose my 'trucking terrier'; Betoven to act as Glennie's tutor.
     It took several hours alone with Glennie before he quit growling at me, and after a couple days he had accepted me as the "Alpha" and took his place in "the pack" as the #3 dog. After a few days with Glennie, I started "socializing" him with other people, primarily males. I would approach the men, with Glennie on a leash, introduce myself, explain my "mission" and ask for help for Glennie. Most other men were willing to help, and it helped tremendously to have Betoven along.
     Glennie looked to me for "approval" and would watch how Betoven responded to other people and soon began to conform his behavior and mimic Betoven. After a couple weeks, Glennie seemed willing, if not outright excited to socialize with other humans, particularly men. The only problems I had with Glennie was he had somewhat of a Separation Anxiety when I left him alone in the truck. (For fueling, dinner, loading or unloading) Glennie chewed the face and antenna off my cell phone, chewed my Ham Radio Mic cord, TV remote control among other items.
     After about three weeks, I knew that Glennie had learned all he could in our company. It was time to take him back to his foster-home in Michigan.

     A short-time after he was returned to Michigan, his Foster-Mom; Beth, reported to me that Glennie had made a miraclous transformation and was eager to meet men, and once even playfully chased the Meter-Reader around the yard. Beth fell in love with Glennie and eventually adopted him. 
     Glennie is now happily "employed" as an agility-dog and has won several awards. Glennie (and his foster-sister: Molly) have both been selected for the "Westie" Calendar, and Glennie has been the "Cover-Boy" for both the calendar and the Magazine.  Beth soon wants to train Glennie in the "Earth-Dog" competition.
     To find out MORE about Glennie; you can read about him on his own website: (Sections 1 and 3)

Glennie goes Trucking!
Glennie Goes Trucking!
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