BOOGER; rescued Nov 1, 2005 in Gulfport Dogs in New Orleans; status:UNKNOWN Dog in Gulfport, status:UNKNOWN

Hurricane Katrina

     Not only did the Hurricanes during the fall of 2005 (Katrina and Rita) affect the lives of tens-of-thousands of Americans, but they also affected the lives of their companion animals. It is estimated that there were perhaps tens of thousands of family pets abandoned and left behind when their owners fled the storm and many of them are now forced to scavange for food. Most of these pets were left behind because emergency shelters would not allow their owners bring them.
     Many of these animals, if they still survive, are sick and hungry. The rescue effort still goes on to help these animals. The rescue groups still trying to help these animals have been running short of the food and supplies necessary to feed these animals. And YOUR help is still URGENTLY needed.
     There are a couple ways YOU can help.

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