We are a nationwide network of transport volunteers, temporary Foster homes, rescues, animal shelters and transport coordinators. We drive cars, vans, SUVs, Semi Trucks and RVs. RollingRescue and our volunteers DO NOT charge for this service, but may accept donations of food and/or supplies to help make their transport go smoothly.
     RollingRescue is not a place to post animals that are in need of rescues / homes, fund raisers,
DNA's or other non transport related subjects. It is not a place where breeders or other commercial entities can get free transport. We DO NOT deal with "Class-B" collectors or Medical Research facilities.

    Private individuals seeking to be reunited with a pet following a family crisis or seeking to adopt from an out-of-area rescue or shelter may request transport assistance and we will work to find a transport coordinator to assist them, but as a rule, private individuals in these situations don't coordinate their own transports and do not need to join the list unless they have a desire to become an ongoing transport volunteer. They may submit a Transport Assistance Request to betterhave@sbcglobal<nospam>.net REMOVE the <nospam>. (Please use THIS FORM)
    Adopters will be screened by the shelter, the transport coordinator or a rescue in their local area and all animals moved to such homes must be spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and tested for Heart Worm and other parasites. We will help to make the necessary arrangements.
    The network exists to make all of that possible. We will not move an animal that is not vetted to an unscreened adopter. Rescues being assisted in transporting animals to themselves will also be screened.

     Here is some information you will need if you are interested in becoming one of our valuable volunteers or if you need assistance with a transport:

    How to Organize a Transport
    Transport Assistance Request
    RollingRescue Transport Agreement (Thanks to M & K Trucking)
    How to USE 'Rolling Rescue'
    Driver's Information Request
    How Other Rescues can Join and Help

     Truck stops make excellent places for the 'hand-off', particularly when one or both transport volunteers are truckdrivers. The following 'CSV' file is useful for finding truckstops. This file can be imported directly into Delorme or Microsoft Streets and Trips. It may be importable into other mapping programs that are GPS ready. If you do not have either program, you can open it using Excel, MS Spreadsheet or any text editor and be printed.

       DOWNLOAD IT!  (113Kb)

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